For 10 years after its opening in 1990, the club could barely have made less of an impression. An unnoteworthy building 1km down the road to Salinas, marked only by the very low flying aircraft overhead, the venue played host to the odd flamenco session or private party for hippy, beach revellers. Then in 1999, Circo Loco arrived and everything changed.

Throwing after hour parties on Monday morning and pushing a deeper, more avant-garde yet edgy sound, DC10 quickly became the place to carry on the weekend or start the week. It was free entry, it was usually always the same faces dancing inside the club and there was a real community feel. Everyone knew that this was the time of their lives. Soon though, there became more faces and the sun blazened terrace had people dancing on it, even though there was only music coming from the inside.

From 2001 onwards, the word was out. The terrace, by now the focal point of the club, had the most unique party atmosphere of any club in Ibiza and remained open air under the baking sun, as the deafening roar of planes seemingly threatened to land on the club itself. This was just so much more than the normal club experience. A roof and some minor layout changes, as well as the constant search for sound system perfection have done little to change the oh-so very special vibe of a DC10 session.