The house where Amnesia now stands was built at the end of the 18th century. Sold to an aristocratic and artistic widow in the 70s it became a home to hippies who played in bands and danced till dawn while experimenting with LSD and “touching the heavens”, according to the Amnesia web site.

In 1975 Spain’s long ruling dictator Franco died. In 1976 the new tennant Antonio Escohotado turned the house into a discotheque and christened it Amnesia.

The four four thump of disco took over from rock and is yet to relinquish its hold. But it was the juxtapostion of new and old sounds, pop and underground which was truly influential. Argentine Alfredo Fiorito wowed Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling and others in the summer of ’88 and let flow a torrent of mass tourism which continues raging to this day.

Renovated and updated in 2008, the terrace is a huge greenhouse with palm trees, many bars and a pleasantly air-conditioned VIP area which encircles the club on the upper floor.
The plebs below are cooled by less subtle means – two massive “ice cannons” blasting cold air fire off at regular intervals. Amnesia also host Espuma parties at which life-threatening quantities of foam are pumped onto the dance floor in the main room.

Boulder-sized stacks of speakers litter the floor and are usually colonised by enthusiastic ravers. Dancers bounce around on podiums on the upstairs floor, level with the dj booth which looks down on the writhing masses below.

What stated in the 70s as The Workshop of Forgetfulness is today on of the island’s most legendary clubs. One for the bucket list for those who want to enjoy the island’s real party spirit. A club that’s been writing its history for more tan 40 years next to all the electronic music lovers.
Amnesia Ibiza is much more than a club. It’s a family. The home of all electronic music lovers, where the only thing that matters is the party.