About Us


Supporting Grass Roots in the Music Industry,

Our Approach

Ibiza Clubbing Guide in Association with Digital Exposure will bring you up to date news on events and believes in Grass Roots Approach.

Here at Ibiza Clubbing Guide we specialise specifically with our Grass Roots – without these DJs our industry would eventually reach an end. Due to this we are passionate about building them in the right way and at the right level of momentum,
As a well respected agency/promoter within the industry we are reaching out individually to each and every agency and promoter that we believe would be able to support our DJs and help them develop within this industry.

But more than that we will be there for the clubber looking for info,
the aspiring DJ wanting to learn more about the art ,
the established DJ wanting promote themselves in Ibiza
to the Promoter wishing to reinvent their image.


Ibizaclubbing guide is there for you!